NPC Outing - November 13th - Cobourg Train Station and Legacy Vintage Building Materials

An NPC outing to the Cobourg Train Station, 563 Division St., and Legacy Vintage Building Materials, 540 Division St. Cobourg, has been planned for Wednesday, Nov. 13th.

Cobourg Train Station provides us with the opportunity to try motion photography; trains in motion, with or without static objects or people; stationary trains and people in motion using slow shutter speeds; photographs of the station building and structures.

Legacy Vintage Buildings Materials is an incredible collection of old building parts and hardware, anything you can imagine and more. Check out this address to see photos of their incredible inventory.


Here there are opportunities galore for all photographic styles - macro, shallow DOF, contemplative, textures, contrasts of all sorts, or try double or multiple exposures.

There is a VIA train due from Toronto at 9.38 am.  We should try to arrive at the station by 9.00 – 9.15 am.  Parking is limited at the station, and Legacy Hardware does not open until 10.00 so you may have to find parking nearby.  UPDATEAlthough freight trains are not on a fixed schedule, they expect one just after 9.00 am and the biggest of the day around 10.30 am.

You can Google "Trains In Motion" and get many ideas and inspirations, however laying down in the middle of the tracks may not be a good idea.  We've included a few of Norm Rae's shots of Legacy Hardware to give you an idea of the subject matter.

The rain date for this outing will be Wednesday, November 20th. 

Please e-mail Sandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be included in a lunch reservation at Castle John's following the shoot.


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