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The Northumberland Photography Club was formed to provide an opportunity for members of the community with a wide range of experience and interest to come together regularly to share, learn, and develop photographic skills in an environment that is mutually supportive and committed to exploring the creative and documentary potential of photography.

2017/18 Themes and Programs

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The Northumberland Photography Club provides a variety of educational and entertaining programs as a focus for regular meetings.  Speakers are drawn from photographers both outside and within the club membership.  To further the enjoyment of members, those who are new to photography may find help in learning to use their cameras from a more experienced member, or are made aware of available workshops.

Meetings start at 7:00pm and the doors open at 6:30pm for Coffee.

Currently, the program at meetings consists of a keynote presentation at 7:00, a coffee break at 8:00 then Photo reviews and member image presentation till around 9:00 or 9:30pm.

Discussion of Photographs

As a valuable learning experience in composition and exposure, there is discussion of photographs during most regular meetings.

For more on the subject of how to submit Images For Presentation and/or Evaluation at Club Meetings, see Image Submission.

 NPC 2018/19 PROGRAM

Dates Speaker Presentation Topic
10-Sep Robert Fisher      Street Photography
01-Oct Micheal Bons

Bird Photography

05-Nov Dave Freaktography--Urban Decay
03-Dec No guest speaker Christmas Collective Slideshow & Social hour 
07-Jan Navy Nhum Portrait Photography
04-Feb Patrick Chan and Isabelle Crisante Mirrorless Solution (presented by Sony)
04-Mar Bob Skoech Explore the World of Documentary Photography and the Personal Project
01-Apr Philip Sun Work The Light
06-May Ariel Estulin Travels in Nepal: Yaks, Mountains, and Monasteries
03-Jun No guest speaker AGM; Individual Slideshows

2018/19 Themes

  Monthly Themes
September Selfies
October Forgotten
November Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign
December Of things Gone By
January Floral Creativity
February Baby It’s Cold Outside
March Nature Of Things
April It All leads to this ...
May Don’t Know What It Is
June Beautiful Blur

For Outings, go to Outings page.