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The Northumberland Photography Club was formed to provide an opportunity for members of the community with a wide range of experience and interest to come together regularly to share, learn, and develop photographic skills in an environment that is mutually supportive and committed to exploring the creative and documentary potential of photography.

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The Northumberland Photography Club provides a variety of educational and entertaining programs as a focus for regular meetings.  Speakers are drawn from photographers both outside and within the club membership.  To further the enjoyment of members, those who are new to photography may find help in learning to use their cameras from a more experienced member, or are made aware of available workshops.

Discussion of Photographs

As a valuable learning experience in composition and exposure, there is discussion of photographs during most regular meetings.  Members are given a monthly topic to photograph and bring resulting images to the following meeting.  Everyone is encouraged to express their ideas about the images in a constructive and nurturing manner.

2013 - 2014 Season - PROGRAM

Date Presenter Theme Challenges
4 November 2013 Jonathan Van Bilsen Translucent wonders
2 December 2013 NPC Christmas Dinner/Slideshow Tree Bark Abstracts

January 6 2014

David Newland - Adventure Canada

Ice, Snow, and Away We Go!

February 3, 2014

Andrew Collett


March 3, 2014

Presentation by Henry's Camera Store

Give Us A Smile!

April 7, 2014

Richard Martin

Fog, Mist, or Haze

May 5, 2014

Members' Slideshows

Funny or Not!

June 9, 2014


Down By The Water

September 8, 2014

Brian Hart - Travels with Brian


October 6, 2014

Mike Gaudaur - African Safari  

2011/2012 Season

Date Presenter Presentation Theme Challenges
September 5, 2011     My Favourite Summer Image  - or - Bottoms Up!
October 3, 2011     Onions - or- Unusual Public Sign/Notice
November 7, 2010     Brown Bag Photography - or- Water drops on Compact Discs
December 5, 2010 Members' Slide Show at Annual party at Woodlawn Inn White and Blue - or - A window and a curtain
January 2, 2012   Light Displays - or - What makes a table?
February 6, 2012     Winter's Worst - or - Three
March 5, 2012 Presentation by Karen Longwell - Photojournalism and East Africa Signs of Spring - or - White is not boring
April 2, 2012 Dorette Carter - Photography & Fine Art Getting Carried Away - or - Panning
May 7, 2012 Members' Five Minute Slide Shows (3-5 minutes in length) Wild Flowers - or - Wet'n Wild!
June 4, 2012 AGM An Exciting Outdoor Activity - or- Macro Habitat


2010/2011 Season

Date Presenter Presentation Theme Challenges
September 6, 2010 Andreas Gada Astrophotography
Download Overview
Hanging Loose
October 4, 2010 Elaine & Don Birch Giclee Framing & Nature Images Motion in nature
November 1, 2010 Lola Reid Allin India - Rajasthan & Utter Pradesh What is "this" ???
December 6, 2010 Members' Slide Show at Annual party at Woodlawn Inn
January 3, 2011 Photographer's Choice Images Snow sculptures or shapes
February 7, 2011 Lance Anderson Photojournalism (TBC) Street/sidewalk scenes
March 7, 2011 Members' photo essays This old house.......
April 4, 2011 Mary Talbot Presents   Environmental concern
May 2, 2011

Members' Five Minute Slide Shows (3-5 minutes in length)

Looking in
June 6, 2011 AGM, Review of Members' Images + Photographer's Choice Happiness is.........?


2009/2010 Season

Date Presentations Theme Challenges
Sept. 08/09 Gordon Smallwood - Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photography Couples
Oct. 05/09 George Gillespie -Digital Formats Tree(s)
Nov.02/09 Andrew Collett - re-scheduled Eyes and/or Feet
Dec. 07/09 Christmas Social Woodlawn Inn Members' Images/slideshow
Jan. 04/10 Andrew Collett - Landscape Photography No Theme Challenge
Feb. 01/10 Neil Muscutt - Street scenes Bubbles
Mar. 01/10 Bev. McConnell Omega Park Silhouettes
Apr. 05/10 Andrea Gada - Eclipse Chasing – An Excuse To See The World In The Bathroom!
May 03/10 Members' Night Members Slide Shows. No Guest Presentation
June 07/10 Pot Luck Social - Seven image photo essays Photographers' Choice Images


2008/2009 Season

Sept 8/08 Josh Hamilton - NPC Member -Presenting your photos Preparing images for club meetings, AVs, etc., using several commonly used programs.

Oct 6

Robert Bailey, instructor of photography, Loyalist College, Belleville.
Camera basics:  advice for purchasing a camera; operating your camera; what to look for when photographing. Arranged at the request of a number of members, this will be helpful for both those new to photography and as a refresher for more experienced photographers.

Robert will be discussing:

  • things to look for when buying a camera,
  • using your camera,
  • things he thinks about when he goes out to photograph.
Bring your camera(s).
Nov 3 Ted Amsden - Remembering the Odd Ball Photographer - a slide show by Ted Amsden about the photography of his father, Ted Amsden. On the road for Kodak, touring parts of Canada and Eastern USA.
Dec 1 Christmas Dinner - an opportunity to socialize with other members.
Jan 5/09 Jocelyn Fisher - NPC Member - Photographing People
Feb 2 Dave Hoskins - How to enjoy Photography without Photographs – a display and demonstration of some his large collection of cameras;  how and why the collection started;  and how and where he finds these cameras.
Mar 2 A Photographic Adventure above the Arctic Circle: A Journey of My Soul. Highlights of NPC member Sherrie Greig's time in the arctic with Students on Ice, August 2008. "What started out as an Adventure to photograph the Arctic turned into a journey, with a group of passionate people, young and old, that opened my heart and mind to the beauty and fragile state of the Arctic."
May 4 Members' Night - members present small collections of their work in three formats:  digital audio-visual presentations, slide film audio-visual presentations, and prints.
Jun 1/09 Annual General Meeting Pot-luck supper, annual general meeting and elections.
Guest speaker: Alison Elliott, "A Photographic Journey through Northern India"
Alison's photographs will paint a picture of the great contrasts seen in this busy country: wealth and poverty, ancient tradition and modern convenience, fertile river and barren desert. Architecture will also be featured.


2007/2008 Season

Sep 10/07 Meeting (membership fees due and tickets for Freeman Patterson's presentation on sale)
Douglas Banks, Amherstview (near Kingston)
Camera care and preventive maintenance skills for digital and film cameras. 
Problems he often has to fix.
Bring any of your equipment needing repair and leave it with him; he will ship it back.
He will bring coupons for large percentage off price of cleaning.
Oct 1/07 Meeting
Stephen Hannah, Kingston
Creating digital audio-visual shows
In-depth program on aspects of scanning, digital capture, sizing and resolution of images; music selection; editing and integration into a show; slide transition techniques; and final production.
Oct 25 /07
to Dec 2
3rd Annual Exhibition of Northumberland Photography Club
Opening reception:  Saturday, October 27, 2 – 4 p.m.
Upstairs Gallery, 38 Walton Street, Port Hope
Regular hours:  Thursday-Saturday, 1:00-5:00 p.m., Sunday, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
For Monday, November 5, the gallery will be open 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Nov 5/07 Special Event
Freeman Patterson - "The "
7:30   Best Western Cobourg Inn, $25 in advance
Nov 12/07 Meeting An extra meeting added in November to show and discuss images from members
Dec 3/07 Club party - a social evening to get to know one another.
Will be held at the Columbus Community Centre, at Spencer Street East and D'Arcy Street in Cobourg. $25 per person.
Jan 7/08 Meeting
John Draper
Digital image organization - Download presentation (Powerpoint); Printable version (pdf)
Feb 4/08 Meeting
Members' images - a night for discussion. Download instructions - small (20KB) pdf
Mar 3/08 Meeting
Cindy Taylor
Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking Learn about making digital scrapbooks with user-friendly instruction for sizing and inserting your photographs, and designing unique archival pages that can be printed and bound into leather books. A fun and creative hobby for all photography enthusiasts!
Apr 7/08 Meeting
Members' Night - Audio-Visual presentations
May 5/08 Meeting
Hilarie McNeil-Smith, Mississauga
Entertaining and instructional demonstration of creative "painting" techniques using Photoshop and Corel Painter, accompanied by short audio-visuals of paintings made from digital photographs and variations thereof.
Jun 2/08 Pot-luck supper, Annual General Meeting (including elections and adoption of Constitution)
Exciting slide presentation by TCS science teacher Alison Elliott about her experiences with a two-week innovative arctic program called Students on Ice, with 80 students from around the world studying environmental and social issues in the Baffin Island area.
Further details to come.