Executive Committee for 2022/23

 Please append @gmail.com to each/any of the addresses below in brackets when sending an email!

  • Elisabeth LaFontaine, President (NPCPresident95)
  • Michelle Chiunti, Vice President (NPCVicePresident95)
  • Marina Scassa, Secretary (NPCSecretary95)
  • Brendan Flynn, Finance Director (NPCFinancialDirector)
  • Pat Calder, Membership Director (NPCMembershipDirector)
  • Janet Taylor, Program Director (NPCProgramDirector)
  • Terry Carpenter, Outings Director (NPCOutingsDirector)
  • Andreas Gada, Technical Director (NPCTechnicalDirector)
  • Russ Donaldson, Communications Director (NPCCommunicationsDirector)