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The Northumberland Photography Club was formed to provide an opportunity for members of the community with a wide range of experience and interest to come together regularly to share, learn, and develop photographic skills in an environment that is mutually supportive and committed to exploring the creative and documentary potential of photography.

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First Monday of every month, September through June (Except deferred a week for holidays)

At 7:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Church Gymnasium, 59 Ballantine Street, Cobourg, Ontario.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for coffee.

How to Submit Images or Slideshows for Presentation at Club Meetings

Please note: The club’s submission process has undergone a complete overhaul in order that we can take advantage of some new technologies and simplify the process. This document has been updated to reflect the new process and all members are asked to review the following even if you are already familiar with the process.

Use of Dropbox

Many of you are already familiar with the cloud service Dropbox. NPC has begun to make use of this service to archive of club documents and the club’s Executive has decided to move to Dropbox for the submission of Images and Slideshows in place of email. Dropbox has a feature called “File Request” (basically a file uploader) which will allow members to move images and large slideshow files from their computer directly into a location on the internet that can be accessed by our producers who prepare our various slide shows.

The process of selecting and preparing your submissions will not change significantly but the way this is sent in to the club is entirely new. Instead of using email your files will be copied into a location on the Dropbox servers. Use of a File Request does not require a Dropbox account.

The Image Submission Process

At the monthly NPC meetings members have an opportunity to show their images, or have an image evaluated, by submitting them for presentation in one of the following categories:

  • Theme Photos
  • Photographer’s Choice Photos
  • Outing Photos
  • Photo Evaluation

Submitted images will be consolidated by the appropriate co-ordinator and assembled into a Slideshow that will be presented at the monthly meetings. It is imperative that members follow the requirements for submission in order to minimize the amount of time the volunteer coordinators have to spend on creating the slideshows.

Photo Evaluation images will be presented anonymously without any indication of who captured the image. A panel of two members will constructively give their impressions of the image for the benefit of everyone present.

The steps to submitting images are as follows:

1. Image Selection

The first step is to select which images to submit. Members are allowed a maximum of two images in each of the Theme, Outings and Photographer’s Choice categories. Please note: when there are two or more outings between meetings you are allowed to submit two images per outing.

Members are allowed to submit one photo in the Photo Evaluation category.

2. Preparing the Images

Images no longer need to be re-sized. Our visual display equipment is capable of displaying any size image, however the requirement to submit the images as JPEG (JPG) is being continued to minimize file size and maintain compatibility with the variety of software we use on the club’s computer.

Complete all of your editing prior to this point and consider the aspect ratio you wish to use. For those unfamiliar with this term, it is the ratio of the width to the height, sometimes expressed as pixels or actual dimensions, other times as a ratio. Camera sensors are typically sized with a width that is 1.5 times the height, a ratio of 1.5:1. The HD format for display devices is wider and typically referred to as 1920x1080, a ratio of 1.78:1. Our Optoma projector is this HD format so an image with an aspect ratio of the camera sensor is going to appear at full height but narrower on the screen. Same effect with a portrait orientation of an image.

If you wish your landscape image to be the same format as the screen you will need to use a crop mask in your software to make your image appear wider, i.e. a ratio of 1920x1080, (sometimes called 16x9). Whichever numbers are used, when the width is divided by the height it is a ratio of 1.78:1. The important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the number of pixels, the ratio of the image has to be changed from 1.5:1 to 1.78:1. In pixels, this might mean cropping a 6000x4000 pixel image such as the one on the left below to a 6000 x 3370 pixel image similar to the one on the right. It is not the actual number of pixels that determine your image is displayed, it is the ratio of width to height; i.e. the aspect ratio.


If you have a portrait image to submit, the best aspect ratio for this is the native ratio of the chip (1:1.5, 4x6, 24mm x 36 mm, 4000 x 6000 pixels, etc), otherwise it may appear too narrow.

If you choose to submit a photo with a resolution less than 1080 pixels in height, it will display but your image may be zoomed to that height thereby reducing its quality, or displayed smaller, depending on the presentation software being used. It is recommended that your image be a minimum of 1080 pixels in height to maximize its quality when displayed. This is usually not an issue when those images are contained in Slideshow software, but it can become a problem when the image is displayed by a Photo Viewer as a single JPEG.

3. Re-naming your Images (MANDATORY)

With the volume of images now being received it is now mandatory your images are re-named according to the following convention. Our policy henceforth is that volunteers preparing the slideshows will not be following up with members over images not correctly named and those images will NOT be included in the slideshow.

Re-naming a file is a straightforward process. Once the image is prepared, go to the folder containing the file you plan to submit and right-click on it, select “rename” and type in a suitable title without the “.jpg” extension and press “Enter”.

Re-naming has also been simplified. When you activate a submission link you will be taken to the File Request screen for the category selected at the Dropbox website which will prompt you to select the files you wish to upload. It will also ask for first and last name and your email address (which is used to send you a confirmation). When you submit your file(s) your name will be automatically attached to your title so it is no longer necessary to include your name in the renaming of those file(s).

The following examples show the naming convention appropriate for the image categories:

  • Theme Photos File Name: ThemeName_ImageName.jpg, where: z
    ThemeName = is the name of the monthly theme challenge e.g. NatureInMotion
    ImageName = is the title you assigned to the image to describe it (this can be anything) e.g. NightSearch 18-Nov-2015 V5.1 Page 3
    The resulting file name would look like this: NatureInMotion_NightSearch.jpg
  • Photographer’s Choice Photos Name: ImageName.jpg, where:
    ImageName = is the title you assigned to the image to describe it (this can be anything) e.g. NightSearch.
    The resulting file name would look like this: NightSearch.jpg
    Note: Since all files going to this location are Photographers Choice, that information is no longer required in renaming.
  • Outing Photos File name: OutingName_ImageName.jpg, where:
    OutingName = is the name of the outing, e.g. GlassBlowing
    ImageName = is the title you assigned to the image to describe it (this can be anything) i.e. WorkingTheGlass
    The resulting file name would look like this: GlassBlowing_WorkingTheGlass.jpg
  • Photo Evaluation File Name: ImageName.jpg, where:
    ImageName = is the title you assigned to the image to describe it (this can be anything) e.g. QuietConversation
    The resulting file names might look like this: QuietConversation.jpg

4. Sending the Images to NPC

Your images are now ready to send… you have edited them, cropped them to an appropriate aspect ratio (if required), and you have re-named them according to the category to which you intend to submit (required). Now you need to transfer them to our storage locations at Dropbox where they will be downloaded for use in generating the slideshows. These are to be submitted before midnight on the previous Monday before the monthly meetings (i.e. one week prior).

Please note: If you are submitting images in more than one category, send them separately using the appropriate links shown below – do not mix them!

These are the links that will open up a file uploader screen at and allow you to select your file(s). You can send multiple files as long as they are intended for the same category. We have multiple people working on the slideshows, if you send them to the wrong location they will NOT be transferred.

Photographer's Choice

These are the steps:

a. Click on the appropriate link and a Dropbox screen will open up in your Browser stating that “Photos NPC” is requesting files.
b. Click on “Choose Files” and you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to select files from your computer. Select your file(s) and click on “Open”.
c. You will be taken back to the request screen but now the files will be listed and there will be boxes for First and Last Name, and email. Please fill them out to identify yourself; the email is to send confirmation you have uploaded files to Dropbox.
d. Click on “Upload” and the files will be transferred. When the upload is complete, close the Browser screen and go back to the first step if you want to submit to another category.

NOTE: You should receive an email confirming your upload(s) within a few minutes. If you do not, check your Junk Mail. As the confirmation is automated your email software may consider this junk; if so right-click on the message and mark it “Safe Sender” and it won’t happen again.

Slideshow Submission Process

Twice a year members have the opportunity for their images to be presented in a slideshow. The first one in each club year (Sep - Jun) is a 10-image set that is submitted for inclusion in a single slideshow produced by a volunteer club member for the December meeting. The second slideshow is at the May meeting near the end of the club year.

Submissions for the December slideshow may be uploaded to the Slideshow Dropbox as a 10-image set using the ‘Slide Show’ link below.

For the presentation in May, each member participating must create a 4-minute slideshow that does not exceed that time allowance and is able to run using available software. A Slideshow that is self-executing is recommended as it allows the creator to run and evaluate their presentation prior to submission.

Note: Due to time constraints, if a slideshow fails to execute or runs into problems it will be terminated and the next presentation will be shown.

There are many ways of creating a slideshow. Some are very rudimentary, consisting simply of arranging the images in a folder in the order in which they are to appear, while others make use of sophisticated software to create stunning audio-visual presentations. The purpose of this document is to describe what formats are most suitable for NPC’s presentation equipment, the presentation submission process and provide detailed information about software that has been tested.

  • ProShow Gold
  • Windows Photo Viewer
  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC Media Player
  • Quick Time Player
  • Adobe Reader
  • PowerPoint 2013

Slideshow files can be very large and the submitter must make arrangements to get their file onto the club computer. It is recommended that this be done prior to the evening of the slideshows. The best approach is to do a file transfer using our Dropbox account. In this case the file should be named PresentationName. The link for uploading to Dropbox is:

Slide Shows

Should this not be possible, presentations must be copied onto one of the following media and brought to the meeting, at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, so that they can be copied to the club’s computer.

  • a USB Flash drive (preferred)
  • SD memory card
  • burned onto a DVD

Presentation files hand-delivered should be named PhotographerName_PresentationName. If you are using Windows Photo Viewer as the software for your presentation, the folder containing your images must be named PhotographerName_PresentationName. Please be aware that individual image files are displayed as is by Photo Viewer and they must conform the minimum height requirement of 1080 pixels so that the software does not expand them to fit. This may result in an unsatisfactory display.

Note: To print this page, click settings icon at top right.