March 4th - NPC Speaker

Please join us March 4th for Rob Skeoch's presentation on Documentary Photography

"Explore the World of Documentary Photography and the Personal Project". Whether it's around the corner, or in a far corner of the world, the documentary photography project has been a mainstay of images for the past century. Join Rob Skeoch and explore some of his most recent projects and gain the knowledge to start your own project, spoken through your own voice. If you have a camera and at least one lens, you're well equipped to tackle your first documentary story.

For a bit more on Rob Skeoch, please see this link:


NPC Outing - Feb. 20th

Amherst Island Outing - Feb. 20th - join us for a fun day!

On Wednesday, February 20th an outing to Amherst Island is planned for NPC members. Amherst Island is a rural island, accessed by ferry from Millhaven, near Kingston.   It does NOT have facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, or bathrooms, therefore, you will need to bring all necessities with you – food, drink, warm clothes. There are bathrooms on the ferry.  The ferry leaves Millhaven on the half hour and it leaves Amherst Island (at Stella) on the hour.  The crossing takes 20 minutes and costs $9 per car.

Amherst Island has been known to be a haven for wintering birds.  It is also a major sheep farming community.  Topsy Farms has offered us the opportunity to shoot at their farm and use their dining room for our brown bag lunches.  They also have a warm bathroom for our use.  The cost for this is $20 per person.  The farm has a “magnificent new stone wall, and a couple of very tame Highland calves and 6 month old lambs who love to be fed by hand (only a small amount allowed) and a beautiful, authentic Mongolian yurt.”  Sandra does need to let Topsy Farms know how many people they should expect at the farm. If you plan to be part of the farm experience on the island please e-mail Sandra at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members interested in this outing should meet at the Grafton Car Park at 9 a.m. in order to be at the ferry dock in time to catch the 10:30 a.m. ferry.   Maps and more information about the island will be given out there.

Directions:  Take the 401 East to exit 593.  Continue south on County Rd 4 to Millhaven.

If the weather does not co-operate on February 20th we will try for the next week  - February 27th.


NPC Outing - Orchid Show

Sunday, February 10th please join us at the Toronto Botanical Gardens Orchid Show

Sunday morning 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. is the time when photographers may use tripods.  At other times hand held cameras are permitted.  Tickets must be booked in advance to attend during the special photographers’ time.  Tickets may be purchased here for $20.00:

Since only a set number are available they should be purchased asap.

Those wishing to carpool to this event should meet at the Toronto Rd. car park lot near the 401 in Port Hope prior to 7:45 a.m. for a 7:45 a.m. departure time.  David O’Rourke has agreed to meet everyone there.  Please let Sandra know if you are planning to be at the car park so that David can be given a list of participants. 

Contact Sandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, February 8th.

The Toronto Botanical Gardens are at 777 Lawrence Avenue E. (the corner of Lawrence and Leslie).  Take the 401 to the Leslie Street exit and go south to Lawrence.

What to bring if you have it:  tripod, remote or cable trigger, ring flash, flash with diffuser or small soft box for a speedlight, macro lens.

Orchids can be more challenging to photograph than most other flowers for several reasons: their thick petals are waxy and reflect light, which can result in unsightly overblown highlights, and the larger blooms are very deep, requiring a small aperture (high number).

Lighting considerations:
  1.  Using a pop-up flash, off camera flash or a ring flash, either with a tripod or handheld. Keeping in mind that the waxy substance of the flowers will reflect the light from the flash, resulting in overblown highlights, a diffuser is a must.
     *   If using an off-camera flash, attach a soft box or any other kind of diffuser.
     *   If using the pop-up flash on your camera, an easy, inexpensive way to diffuse the light is to tape a plain white piece of paper onto the front of your pop-up flash.
     *   Using a ring flash
  2.  Using ambient light with a tripod and trigger release.  When using ambient light, a tripod and trigger release are a must in order to avoid camera shake due to the long exposure required. If you don’t own a trigger release (cable or remote), you can use your camera’s self-timer.

A couple of points to remember with respect to flash and shutter speed: the intensity of the flash controls the amount of light onto your subject.  Your shutter speed controls the amount of ambient light; a higher shutter speed will allow less ambient light onto the sensor, resulting in a darker background; by contrast, a slower shutter speed allows more ambient light in, resulting in a lighter background.

Aperture considerations:
Some of the larger orchids can be quite deep, requiring an aperture as small as f/22 to f/32 in order to get the entire flower in focus in a close-up. When using apertures this small (high number), a tripod is recommended to reduce camera shake, and a low ISO for optimal image quality. If lens diffraction or loss of sharpness due to a very small aperture (high number) is a concern, focus stacking can be used.

A wider aperture (small number) will blur the background and help isolate a single flower in a cluster, or a part of a bloom. It is also an excellent way to produce softer, dreamier images. Look for details that catch the eye – a beautiful curve, a soft ruffle or a unique feature in a bloom. Using selective focus to draw the eye is a creative and fun way to shoot.

Be wary of your background; experiment with different angles, apertures, lighting and areas of focus, and have fun!

Here are some websites with photographs and further instructions on shooting orchids.


Indoor Outing - Water Droplet Workshop

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 12:45-3:15pm - Creativity led by Elisabeth LaFontaine!

*Town Park Recreation Centre, Port Hope (62 McCaul Street)

Cost:  $10

Please bring the following equipment if you have it…

  1. Camera (Settings: ISO 200, Aperture f/8 – F/11, Flash mode, Shutter speed around 1/200 sec.).
  2. Macro lens – a lens that will give you 1-1 magnification e.g. 40-60mm 90-105mm 150-200mm AND/OR anything that will let you get close e.g. Extension rings; reversing ring with a prime lens; or Diopters (close up filters).
  3. Flash – on camera or Speedlite with stand and off camera shoe cord or a flash stand and wireless trigger (not a ring flash).
  4. Extra batteries for your flash.
  5. Really bright LED flashlight.
  6. A tripod and remote, though you may not use them.
  7. A small towel or two – this can be a wet endeavor!
  8. Small clips for positioning flowers (clothes pegs work well).

Flowers, refreshments and other equipment will be provided.

*If you wish to purchase a “Third Hand” at the workshop, the cost is $8.00.  If you have your own please bring it with you.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.  It will be repeated on March 5th, at the same time and place, if there is sufficient interest.  Please contact Sandra Peters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to attend. 



Club Outing Details - Get In On The Action!

Sunday, January 27th - Bike racing on Rice Lake! 

Our second club outing also takes place on Rice Lake - motorcycle racing on the ice.  On Sunday, January 27th we will meet for coffee/breakfast at the Scenery Drive Restaurant on Hwy 45, north of Baltimore, at 9 am.  Then we will head to Golden Beach Resort for the Oshawa Motorcycle Club's races.   This outing will give us a chance to shoot action, colour, landscape, and bike details. Here are some inspirational images taken last year in Bewdley by Terry Self.  

Please confirm if you plan to attend this outing by contacting Sandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

February 4th - Join us for a Presentation by Sony

Everything you wanted to know about Sony Mirrorless Cameras!

Patrick Chan and Isabel Crisante's presentation will highlight the Sony mirrorless technologies, what they do, and how they can benefit your photography. They will also summarize the features and differences between most of the mirrorless models in their lineup and also go over the lens technologies and lineup. 

Welcome to 2019 and our first Outing!

January 19-20th - Kite Skiing at Elmhirst Resort

Elmhirst’s Resort, near Keene, is holding a Kite Skiing weekend January 19-20th.  The cost for anyone wishing to try out the sport is $20 (equipment and instruction provided) per day.  The cost for us to come to just photograph the event is free.  Steve Elmhirst, the instructor and organizer of this annual event, suggested that the wind (a crucial element for this sport) may be more favourable in the afternoon.  Therefore, on Saturday January 19th we will meet at 11:15 at the Hwy 28/Ontario Street car park near the 401 in Port Hope to carpool to Elmhirst’s.  This gives us time to have lunch in the dining room overlooking the lake (Hearthside Room) and time to shoot the afternoon events.  Our focus for shooting is action, colour, and landscape.  This outing is of course weather dependent.  I will get a weather update from Steve on Friday the 18th.  I have tentatively booked a table for 10 at noon in the dining room overlooking the lake.  Please let me know by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you plan to attend, wish to be included for lunch, plan to carpool, or plan to arrive independently.  I will update our lunch reservation accordingly on Friday morning.  The photography exhibit, Perspectives, will have opened at Elmhirst’s, just a few days prior to our visit.  Sandra Peters


January 7th - Our NPC speaker is Phil Norton

Happy New Year!!

Please see the link below for some background on our speaker.  His presentation will be on the Evolution of Photography.



Primrose Donkey Sanctuary Outing December 5th

Here's the information you need to see these sweet animals....

Thank you to Elaine Amenta for arranging our outing to the Primrose Donkey Sanctuary, near Roseneath, on December 5th.  Please arrive at 11:00 and Elaine will be there to greet you.  A donation of $10 to the 

Sanctuary per person is recommended and should be given to Elaine upon arrival. Please do not bring treats for the animals.  Elaine will be there to guide you in the areas where the animals are roaming and will have some goodies in her pocket to help get good poses.  There will be hot chocolate and treats provided for the photographers.  The Tall Teepee on Hwy 45, in Alderville, is recommended for lunch.  Cash only, but no tax.

905 352 2772 - 1296 Bowmanton Rd. Roseneath

The Tall Teepee - Restaurant & Gas Station
8562 Hwy 45



Port Hope At Night Outing, Friday, Nov. 23rd

Here's all the info you need for this fun-packed event!

Hello NPC Members,

Our Port Hope at Night Outing is taking place on Friday, November 23, 2018 - schedule of the night follows. This outing will take place, rain or shine (Donna has shot the candle light walk in the rain) . If it does rain there are many indoor activities that you can choose from. This can be a sort of "hop-in or hop-out" outing with several meeting spots along the way. Donna will need your confirmation of attending the dinner at Turtle John's.  A full moon is expected so keep your eyes to the sky to try to capture the moon in some of your shots. 

Meet in the parking lot at Primitive Designs - 2762 County Rd 28 (Northumberland) Port Hope ON at 3:30

3:30 -4:45 

Shoot the many sculptures and other fun stuff while maybe getting some unusual Christmas gifts and stocking-stuffers. It has been arranged that NPC participants will pay $5 each to shoot any sculptures they want rather than contributing on an individual basis for each sculpture. This is donated to charity and can be given to Donna when you arrive. This is in lieu of donating to the buckets in front of the sculptures. Sun sets around 4:30 so here's hoping that we can get that in some of our outdoor shots.

5:00 pmDinner reservation at Turtle John’s restaurant  - 64 John St, Port Hope, ON L1A 2Z2. Donna has made a reservation but will need to confirm #s as soon as possible. Please email Donna with the # of people if you would like to be included in the reservation. If you can secure a spot in the public parking lot at the near the band shell and walk over then there will be no need to move your vehicle while enjoying the rest of the night’s festivities.

6pm: If you are NOT joining us at the restaurant but would like to meet for the rest of the outing, you can meet us in the parking lot of Turtle John's where we will find some dark spots nearby to do some light painting and a fun “ghosting” group shot. We can then go our separate ways or hang out in groups and wander over to get the best vantage points to shoot the Candle Light Walk on Walton St.

The TOWN event organizer’s schedule for the night is as follows:

Port Hope Candlelight Festival

The family-friendly festivities include an open house and art experience in the Little Station, FREE rides on board the VIA Rail miniature train, and a Holiday Night Market in Lent Lane!

Schedule · Friday, November 23, 2018

7:00 PM - 7:20 PM

Candlelight Procession featuring Critical Mass Art Lanterns and Puppets

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Holiday Night Market in Lent Lane!

7:25 PM - 7:45 PM

Memorial Park Lighting Up Ceremony & Bandshell Performances

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Little Station Open House & Multi-Media Community Installation

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

FREE Rides on board the VIA Rail Miniature Train (@ Little Station)


Capitol Christmas and the Festival of Lights and Trees (inside Capitol Theatre on Queen St) Open Friday Nov 23 1-4pm and 6-9pm

  • • ADMISSION IS FREE • ALL AGES WELCOME - Experience the 21st Capitol Christmas Festival Tradition 

What once began as a small-town Port Hope Christmas Tradition in 1997 has now grown from a few trees raffled on our main stage – to the extravaganza it has become today. More than 60 decorated trees and wreaths amid thousands of lights lining our entrance and lobby during the 2017 Capitol Christmas Festival of Lights and Trees. As 2018 is our 21st year, we aim to deliver a truly spectacular Festival of Lights and Trees this year that you will not want tomiss. Capitol Christmas is the perfect family-friendly event, we will be open during the Candle Light Walk and prior to the Port Hope Santa Claus Parade.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate 21 years of the joy of the holidays and enjoy a complimentary cup of hot chocolate and cookies while you browse and select your favourite trees. Raffle tickets and commemorative holiday decorations will be for sale during this event, must be over age 18 to play. The Capitol Christmas Festival of Lights and Trees Raffle will be held at 2:00pm on Monday December 17th.

What to bring:

-          Dress in warm clothing and layers so you can shed some of them for the indoor events.

-          Bring a fully charged battery and back up if you have one. Batteries can run low quickly in colder weather.

-          Remote shutter release and/or learn how to use your timer release on your camera.

-          Bring a flash light (or 2!) You will use them to do any light painting and to see what you are doing with your camera in the dark!

-          A tripod is necessary for many types of night shots and an external flash can also be very helpful. Most of the shooting is within a very short distance of your car so throw in what you MIGHT need and leave it in the car until you do!

Donna will send an email this week with some ideas on how you might want to try to creatively shoot this fun-packed event!