Presentations - Denise Ippolito, October 17th & 18th 2020; and Kristian Bogner, June 29, 2020

The Ontario Council of Camera Clubs (O3C) has provided us with information on two photography presenters.

Denise IppolitoSpend two half days with world renowned, award winning photographer, Denise Ippolito. Denise has travelled the world to unique locations to shoot nature and landscapes to create some of the best visually inspiring images.
Denise shares her creative talents with us to show you her full workflow from subject approach, equipment and shoot and to the final post processing to create astounding works of art.
If you want to take your photography to the next level, you do not want to miss this event!

This is an online presentation. To view the presentation and to participate in the chat, members will need an internet connection and use of a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari). The presentation will also be recorded and be available for viewing till October 22nd.

As part of the revised presentation format, Denise is offering a onetime discount of 30% off on her e-books from October 17-22. Discount Code will be given at the presentation. There will also be one lucky door prize winner who will have a 30 minute one-on-one online session with Denise.

Registration is open at:
Note: Registration open till July 31st or until all extra spots are sold out. Cost is $50.00 CAD


You are invited to a live online Video Zoom meeting with Kristian Bogner.
Kristian will be available to answer your photographic related questions and share his insight into making compelling images.
When: Jun 29, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Watch the link for Kristian’s seminar that was recorded for the 2020 Online Contact Festival, and then come to the live online Q&A to ask any questions of Kristian.

Kristian Bogner





Projects For The Innings & Outings Monthly Slideshow

As it will be a while before we can get together for NPC outings, the Outings Committee has come up with a few projects to keep you engaged and keep us connected during these unsettled times. Hopefully you will find something each month that interests you and you will submit your creations to the Innings and Outings Slideshow.


1. Images of Spring Awakening

2. Change an image from colour to black and white

I am including a few videos that you may find helpful regarding editing and thinking in terms of black and white. (Photoshop) (Lightroom) (Tips for black and white photography - the guy is slow to get started)

3. The World As I See It Today - document the times (safely)

4. Create a photo that somewhat imitates a work of art. Show an image of the original piece and your creation. You do not need to limit yourself to using just 3 items and, of course, post processing is acceptable. ehold-items-180974546/


1. Playing With Abstracts (refer to Alasdair Gillespie's article in the Monitor April 2020)

2. Light Painting (Donna Edmonds will provide direction on this topic)

3.The World As I See it Today - continue to document the times

4. Still Life Photography – create a still life using objects from the kitchen or whatever else you set up

5. Creative Self Portraits - you may want to google some famous photographers and look at their self portraits for inspiration eg. Cecil Beaton


1. Playing With Shadows

2. Forced Perspective (Donna Edmonds will provide direction on this topic)

3. Garden Delights – capture your garden or a garden that impresses you

4. Minimalist Photography

Two images from past outings may also be submitted to the slideshows. 

Looking forward to normal times,

Sandra Peters and the Outings Committee


Notice to NPC Members

Dear Members,  

The news reports regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus are raising questions about the implications for our membership meetings.   In the face of the outbreak, our executive has made the decision to cancel our April 6th meeting.  Most activities in our province have been cancelled on every level for the safety of the population. Since we have a large number of attendees and the demographic of the majority of our membership is considered high risk, we are following the lead of our local health authority to observe "social distancing".  This situation will continue to be monitored and further actions may be taken as necessary.  This, of course, means that our speaker and camera cleaner, Doug Banks, will have to be rescheduled to a later time.
Not all is bad news for photographers though.  This would be a great time to edit photos, get outside and take pictures, or write an article for The Monitor.
Keep well,
Janet Taylor
NPC President

Two NPC Outings - March 14-15th and March 31st

UPDATE MARCH 18TH: The trip to the Glanmore Historic Site is cancelled due to Covid-19.

UPDATE:  The Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival is cancelled due to Covid-19.

On the weekend of March 14-15th the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival is being held -  We will not be meeting as a group to go. 

The trip to Belleville to Glanmore Historic Site has been postponed until March 31st as many members of the Outings Committee are travelling in March -  The admission fee for Glanmore has been reduced to $6.50 for us.  Tripods are allowed.  Glanmore is only open in the afternoon, but we will spend some time shooting bridges and buildings in Belleville before lunch.  Perhaps some members, inspired by Wayne Fisher at the February meeting, will present some architectural elements in a minimalistic style.  More details about this outing will be provided near the end of the month.

The Outings Committee is meeting on April 1st to plan spring events.  Terra Lumina at the Toronto Zoo and the Haliburton Wolf Centre have been suggested by members as possible outings.  If you are interested in shooting at either of these places please let Sandra know before April 1st.  If you have other suggestions for outings please let Sandra (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or a member of the Outings Committee know by April 1st.  The Outings Committee members are Elisabeth LaFontaine, Terry Self, Norm Rae, Myra Pritchett, Susanne Pacey, and Bryan Marjoram.


NPC Speaker - Wayne Fisher - March 2nd

Hope you can join us for Wayne Fisher's presentation on Architecture and Minimalism. Wayne has over 25 years of experience in event, sports, and commercial photography as well as fine art black and white architectural photography. He is a member of the Team Canada World Photographic Cup 2020. For more info on Wayne Fisher, please visit his site

Our Volunteers thank you for bringing your own coffee mug.


NPC Outing - March 4th - Portraits With Studio Lights

Date:  Wednesday, March 4th
Time:  1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Place:  Town Park Recreation Centre, 62 McCaul Street, Port Hope

Cost:   $10 per photographer. Limited to 16 photographers, 4 per studio setup.

 If you are interested in attending as an observer/assistant, please let us know, as space is limited.

What: We will be creating 4 setups for participants to try their hand at shooting portraits with studio lights. No experience/equipment, other than your camera, is required. We currently have 3 female models and 1 male model confirmed.  As we did at the Natural Light Portrait Shoot in September, the photographers agree to provide the models with a selection of photos for their efforts (within two weeks of the photoshoot). We will have a model release signed, allowing for our use of the photos for non-commercial purposes. 

Please email Sandra at if you plan to attend and reserve your spot as a photographer or as an observer/assistant.

Organization of the shoot:

March 2nd:   

·       Confirmed photographers will be provided some basic instructions prior to the outing in order to arrive at the outing ready to shoot.

·       Photographers MUST provide camera and experience details via email to Sandra and Jeannie upon confirming spot as a shooter so groups can be finalized.

March 4th:

·       12:30 p.m. Setup team will arrive and prepare the studio locations.

·       1:00 p.m. Models and Photographers will arrive, settle in, and wait for instructions.

·       1:15 p.m. Photographers will be given some basic instructions and assigned to their studio location, where they will remain for the duration of the shoot. This gives the photographers a chance to capture images of each model.

·       1:30 p.m. Everyone in place at their station and Shoot #1 begins. Each shooter has a 10 minute shoot with the model at their station and then will observe other photographers taking their turn.

·       2:20 p.m. Models rotate to next station and Shoot #2 begins. Each shooter has a 10 minute shoot with the model at their station and then will observe other photographers taking their turn.

·       3:10 p.m. Models rotate to next station and Shoot #3 begins. Each shooter has a 10 minute shoot with the model at their station and then will observe other photographers taking their turn.

·       4:00 p.m. Wrap up - Photographers have had the opportunity to shoot 3 of the 4 models and we can end the shoot here. However, if we are not running late, and someone would like to photograph the model they missed, we can see if we have time and if the model can accommodate.
Equipment Required:

·       camera, batteries, cards, etc., tripod, if desired (not necessary).

·       lens is personal choice. Popular focal lengths for indoor portraiture are usually in the 50 to 105mm range. That said, many photographers shoot wider angle for creative reasons and the same can be said for telephoto ranges. Please keep in mind, we have a space constraint in our room and a full body shot of a 5’6” model with a 200mm requires at least 40 feet from camera to model.

·       If you have a reflector to bring, please bring it and any props that you feel would add to your shoot (scarves, hats, flowers, etc).



NPC Outing - Milling Around Millbrook - February 16th

This Sunday, February 16th, our outing will start at 10 am at the Toronto Rd carpark in Port Hope.  We will head north along County Rd 10 towards Millbrook.  This scenic road through the Northumberland Hills passes by a mill and river in Canton, Perrytown Church and cemetery, Maple Crescent horse farm, Twin Pines Alpaca Farm and Mill (farm store is open on Sundays), a sugar shack, and a closed and seemingly forgotten store and gas station in Garden Hill.  The short drive to Millbrook offers many opportunities for landscape photography along County Rd 10 and on some of the smaller side roads.

Millbrook is a small village whose main street is frequently used in TV and movie shoots due to its historic architecture.  With the coming of the 407 and a large new subdivision this village may be on the verge of change.  There is also a stream, mill, and mill pond in the village along with 3 churches and some historic homes.  Lunch will be in Millbrook at 12:00 at Moody’s.  Contact Sandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be included in the lunch reservation.

Following lunch photographers have several options.  You could continue north through the hills.  Continuing north takes you to Emily Provincial Park.  Turning east at Mt Pleasant takes you past the Cavan swamp area. 

Going west from Garden Hill on County Rd 9 takes you on a hilly route near the Brimacombe ski area.  Going east you can head to Bewdley and Rice Lake where there will be ice huts and fishermen.    Unfortunately, the motorcycle races usually held on Sundays in Bewdley will not be on.  The drive along County Rd 9 east of Bewdley is also scenic.

If any photographers are willing to submit their photos to be used by Millbrooke BIA,  Sandra can give you the contact information.

Any images taken of the motorcycle races in Bewdley on other Sundays can be submitted to the February outings.