Your Executive wishes to update you with the following information. Our club has been invited by Northumberland Festival of the Arts to partner and participate in their third presentation of a Festival of the Arts this fall of 2022.

The theme for NFOTA is “Celebrating Resilience” Moving out of a pandemic, and looking forward, the arts have been heavily impacted, and there is an opportunity to envision and encourage different paths forward through multiple Medias. The act of having an arts festival in 2022 is an act of resiliency, collaboration, and community within itself.

Your Executive has accepted this invitation and we are meeting regularly with NFOTA as we proceed forward slowly in light of the current virus situations. We look forward to us all embracing this opportunity and will update the membership with more details as soon as we get them.

In the meantime to give anyone who wishes to see more about NFOTA there is a page for Northumberland Festival of the Arts at:

This is something that will hopefully give us all a shot of excitement to start and look forward to being together in person again in the near future.




For our next NPC outing we will be photographing the Cobourg Christmas lights and parade on Saturday December 4th. This year the parade will be held at night for the first time ever. It will start near the library at King and Ontario streets, proceed along King Street, and end at Victoria Park. It is scheduled from 6pm to 7.30pm. 

Those who wish can join us at 5.00pm in Cobourg, on the boardwalk south of the skating rink, north of the marina. We will take a group photo and share some ideas and tips for photographing Christmas lights and parades. Since I cannot be there, Donna has offered to take a group shot and help answer questions if she can.

A Tripod is almost essential for taking night shots, it is hard to find a spot for a tripod on the parade route, a monopod could be used, but I think you will be okay hand-holding your camera. I’d recommend Auto ISO (but keep an eye on it, keeping it as close to base Iso of 100/200 as possible), either M mode or S/Tv mode, shutter speed and aperture will depend on your camera and the focal length of your lens. The longer your focal length the faster your shutter speed needs to be to minimize camera shake. An aperture of f5.6 or f8 should be good for most shots. On a tripod, taking lights, try a small aperture setting of f22, this will give you starburst effect from the lights. An Incandescent/Tungsten White Balance seems to work well for shooting lights at night, but sometimes loses some intensity with LED lights. Take a few test shots to see which settings work for you.

The links below give advice on shooting Christmas lights and parades.

 Have fun. 

Norm Rae




Hi folks, our next NPC Outing to the Ontario Water Buffalo Company was scheduled for 10:30 am tomorrow morning. Given the sogginess of the current weather, and after consultation with the outings committee, the date is being moved to Tuesday, November 16th also at 10:30 am. 

As has been already communicated, the farm is located on Hwy 14 between Stirling and Marmora and is approximately a one hour drive from Cobourg (3346 Stirling-Marmora Rd Stirling, ON, Canada K0K 3E0). We would like to confirm if we have any members that plan to attend could you email Jeannie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We will have a chance to take our time on a self guided tour.  We will see the milking parlour, the basking pool, the tweens’ pen, the baby barn (We may cuddle the babies), the moms to be and the water buffalo in the fields.  This has now been arranged for TuesdayNovember 16th, if necessary.  Their farm store will be open for anyone wishing to purchase water buffalo meat or cheese.

We will meet at the farm at 10:30 am.  To get to the farm I plan to follow the 401 east to the Glen Miller exit and take Hwy 33 north, crossing the Trent River at Frankford, to Carmel Rd.  From there I will go east to Stirling and then north on the 14 to the farm, #3346.  This will take approximately one hour (from Port Hope).  Any members, unable to join us next week, but able to get to the farm on another day, are welcome to submit their photos to the Outings slideshow.  Contact Clare at 613 395 1342.



Our first November Outing will be a Scavenger Hunt on Saturday November 6th! 

Meet at the bandshell at Memorial Park in Port Hope at  10:00 am. to receive the list of things to shoot during the day.



It has been suggested that we do some seasonal (ie Halloween) photography as an Outing. 

This will not be a planned, meet together outing but there will be an Outing theme of Spooky. 

These images will be submitted in November (not October 25th).



UPDATE (10/23/21) - At this point in time rain is forecast for Monday and Tuesday.  We have scheduled a sunrise shoot at Wicklow Beach for Monday.  If it is raining in the early morning on Monday, we will try for Tuesday and then Wednesday if both Monday and Tuesday mornings are wet.  I plan to bring bubbles for everyone to this outing.  You should be at Wicklow and ready to shoot by 7:30.  Sunrise is supposed to be 7:42 am. 

Our final October Outing will be a sunrise shoot at Wicklow Beach on Monday, October 25th.  Sunrise is scheduled for 7:42 a.m.  You should be there and set up ready to shoot by 7:30.  If it  turns out to be  a rainy morning we will go on Tuesday, September 26th.  Wicklow Beach Road can be accessed from Hwy 2 east of Grafton.



Our second outing on Saturday October 16th will be A Day in the County (Prince Edward County).  We will meet together at 10:30 pm at the Oeno Sculpture Gallery near Bloomfield.  Following this members are free to explore the wineries, small towns and backroads of the County on their own.  Wellington is having a giant pumpkin weigh off that day.  The beach at Wellington is also worth a visit.  The dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park are always fun to explore.  Check out the numerous varieties of pumpkins and squash at Honey Wagon Farm just south of the Waring House on Sandy Hook Rd in Picton.  From Picton it is a short jaunt to the Glenora Ferry, Lake on the Mountain, Waupoos etc.  It is so easy to fill a day in the County.