Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 12:45-3:15pm - Creativity led by Elisabeth LaFontaine!

*Town Park Recreation Centre, Port Hope (62 McCaul Street)

Cost:  $10

Please bring the following equipment if you have it…

  1. Camera (Settings: ISO 200, Aperture f/8 – F/11, Flash mode, Shutter speed around 1/200 sec.).
  2. Macro lens – a lens that will give you 1-1 magnification e.g. 40-60mm 90-105mm 150-200mm AND/OR anything that will let you get close e.g. Extension rings; reversing ring with a prime lens; or Diopters (close up filters).
  3. Flash – on camera or Speedlite with stand and off camera shoe cord or a flash stand and wireless trigger (not a ring flash).
  4. Extra batteries for your flash.
  5. Really bright LED flashlight.
  6. A tripod and remote, though you may not use them.
  7. A small towel or two – this can be a wet endeavor!
  8. Small clips for positioning flowers (clothes pegs work well).

Flowers, refreshments and other equipment will be provided.

*If you wish to purchase a “Third Hand” at the workshop, the cost is $8.00.  If you have your own please bring it with you.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.  It will be repeated on March 5th, at the same time and place, if there is sufficient interest.  Please contact Sandra Peters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to attend.