Amherst Island Outing - Feb. 20th - join us for a fun day!

On Wednesday, February 20th an outing to Amherst Island is planned for NPC members. Amherst Island is a rural island, accessed by ferry from Millhaven, near Kingston.   It does NOT have facilities such as restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, or bathrooms, therefore, you will need to bring all necessities with you – food, drink, warm clothes. There are bathrooms on the ferry.  The ferry leaves Millhaven on the half hour and it leaves Amherst Island (at Stella) on the hour.  The crossing takes 20 minutes and costs $9 per car.

Amherst Island has been known to be a haven for wintering birds.  It is also a major sheep farming community.  Topsy Farms has offered us the opportunity to shoot at their farm and use their dining room for our brown bag lunches.  They also have a warm bathroom for our use.  The cost for this is $20 per person.  The farm has a “magnificent new stone wall, and a couple of very tame Highland calves and 6 month old lambs who love to be fed by hand (only a small amount allowed) and a beautiful, authentic Mongolian yurt.”  Sandra does need to let Topsy Farms know how many people they should expect at the farm. If you plan to be part of the farm experience on the island please e-mail Sandra at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members interested in this outing should meet at the Grafton Car Park at 9 a.m. in order to be at the ferry dock in time to catch the 10:30 a.m. ferry.   Maps and more information about the island will be given out there.

Directions:  Take the 401 East to exit 593.  Continue south on County Rd 4 to Millhaven.

If the weather does not co-operate on February 20th we will try for the next week  - February 27th.