Sept. 14th and 17th -  Two NPC Outings

On Saturday, September14th, an outing has been planned to the Port Hope Fair.  We will not meet formally as a group for this outing.  If you cannot get to the fair on Saturday but are there on Friday or Sunday, please still submit your photos to Outings.  Included is a link to the Port Hope Fair and also an article about photographing midway rides. We look forward to seeing many creative submisssions from the fair.

Another September outing is a Natural Light Portrait Shoot to be held at Elisabeth LaFontaine's home in Grafton.  We are looking for a few volunteer models.  If you know of someone (male or female) who would be willing to pose for us, please let us know.  No experience necessary.  They will get a selection of photos for their efforts and hopefully will enjoy the afternoon.  Elisabeth has arranged to have a vintage Pierce Arrow car arrive as a prop for this shoot.  Please e-mail Sandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you plan to attend and also if you are able to bring a model.  Please see below for more details about this event.

Fun Portrait Shoot with Some Instruction on Lighting and Posing in a Garden Setting 
Date: Tuesday, September 17th
Time: 12:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Place: 412 Barnum House Road North, Grafton. (Directions: B.H. Road is off Hwy 2 on the west side of
Grafton, next to the Barnum House Museum.)  Please park on the road facing south, leaving the driveway entrance free.

Each photographer will agree to give three photos of each model to Sandra, for the model, after the shoots, in lieu of payment. Submission of photos within two weeks of the shoot.

Organization of the afternoon

12:15 p.m.  The models and our team will arrive. Terry will lead the team around to all the locations and give possible poses, etc. so our team is familiar with the location and possibilities for images.

The locations will be as follows: pond, car, shed.

The models will then be ready and instructions will be given to them, and taken to their one location, as the model stays there for the entire time.

This gives the photographers a chance to capture images of each model.

12:45  The photographers arrive, sign in, and are then assigned to one of the three groups. (Equal numbers in a group from 1 to 5 people.)

The groups will be Group A, Group B, Group C.

!:00    The groups move to their first assigned location: Group A-car, Group B-pond, Group C-shed

1:30   The groups will go to their next location: Group A-pond, Group B-shed, Group C-car

2:00   The groups will go to their next location: Group A-shed, Group B-car, Group C-pond

2:30   Everyone will meet on the front lawn and the models and photographers will pose and photograph groups.

3:00    The session ends.

Note:  Terry will give information to the photographers about basic lighting, posing the model, other lighting forms….at the shed location, to each group.

EQUIPMENT: Whatever you have including: camera, batteries, cards, etc.
Lens in the range of 85 mm, 70-200 mm, or 24-120 etc.
Tripod, cable release, reflector if you have one. NOTES: The house will be closed throughout the shoot unless there is an emergency.
Water and cold drinks will be available in the “Mosquito Tent”. Please bring a cup.