Notice to NPC Members

Dear Members,  

The news reports regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus are raising questions about the implications for our membership meetings.   In the face of the outbreak, our executive has made the decision to cancel our April 6th meeting.  Most activities in our province have been cancelled on every level for the safety of the population. Since we have a large number of attendees and the demographic of the majority of our membership is considered high risk, we are following the lead of our local health authority to observe "social distancing".  This situation will continue to be monitored and further actions may be taken as necessary.  This, of course, means that our speaker and camera cleaner, Doug Banks, will have to be rescheduled to a later time.
Not all is bad news for photographers though.  This would be a great time to edit photos, get outside and take pictures, or write an article for The Monitor.
Keep well,
Janet Taylor
NPC President