Projects For The Innings & Outings Monthly Slideshow

As it will be a while before we can get together for NPC outings, the Outings Committee has come up with a few projects to keep you engaged and keep us connected during these unsettled times. Hopefully you will find something each month that interests you and you will submit your creations to the Innings and Outings Slideshow.


1. Images of Spring Awakening

2. Change an image from colour to black and white

I am including a few videos that you may find helpful regarding editing and thinking in terms of black and white. (Photoshop) (Lightroom) (Tips for black and white photography - the guy is slow to get started)

3. The World As I See It Today - document the times (safely)

4. Create a photo that somewhat imitates a work of art. Show an image of the original piece and your creation. You do not need to limit yourself to using just 3 items and, of course, post processing is acceptable. ehold-items-180974546/


1. Playing With Abstracts (refer to Alasdair Gillespie's article in the Monitor April 2020)

2. Light Painting (Donna Edmonds will provide direction on this topic)

3.The World As I See it Today - continue to document the times

4. Still Life Photography – create a still life using objects from the kitchen or whatever else you set up

5. Creative Self Portraits - you may want to google some famous photographers and look at their self portraits for inspiration eg. Cecil Beaton


1. Playing With Shadows

2. Forced Perspective (Donna Edmonds will provide direction on this topic)

3. Garden Delights – capture your garden or a garden that impresses you

4. Minimalist Photography

Two images from past outings may also be submitted to the slideshows. 

Looking forward to normal times,

Sandra Peters and the Outings Committee