UPDATE (10/23/21) - At this point in time rain is forecast for Monday and Tuesday.  We have scheduled a sunrise shoot at Wicklow Beach for Monday.  If it is raining in the early morning on Monday, we will try for Tuesday and then Wednesday if both Monday and Tuesday mornings are wet.  I plan to bring bubbles for everyone to this outing.  You should be at Wicklow and ready to shoot by 7:30.  Sunrise is supposed to be 7:42 am. 

Our final October Outing will be a sunrise shoot at Wicklow Beach on Monday, October 25th.  Sunrise is scheduled for 7:42 a.m.  You should be there and set up ready to shoot by 7:30.  If it  turns out to be  a rainy morning we will go on Tuesday, September 26th.  Wicklow Beach Road can be accessed from Hwy 2 east of Grafton.