Member Photos

  • From their portfolio  - Members Galleries
  • Photos collected into a slide show or video to showcase the club members' talent - Other Photos
  • Submitted for evaluation
  • Theme photos shown at meetings.
  • Taken during an Outing - Outings Photos


Each member may submit a gallery of photos for the web site.  Included is a short bio for the member (where provided).  This is the club member's opportunity to showcase his/her work.

Photos collected into a slide show or video to showcase the talent that exists in the club.

Photos taken by members during an outing.  For more on Outings, see Outings page.  Note that the technology used varies with each collection - some older ones use Adobe Flash so are not compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads - more recent ones do not use Flash.

Hints for viewing: Many of the pages allow for an automatic slideshow as well as thumbnail selection - mouse over the images to access the controls.  If your monitor does not show the entire image and accompanying thumbs, try using CTRL- to zoom the image inside the window.  CTRL 0 restores the window to its default.

The number suffix on the collection title indicates the number of photos in the collection.